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The perfect 2k18 princess gown.



  • The gown here features a perfect ballroom look to make you feel like a princess and help you be the talk of the town.
  • A gown to help you look 100% awesome.
  • The gown here features a big tail look with the off-shoulder silhouette.
  • The gown follows a princess silhouette.
  • The gown has a Mermaid flare resulting in a tail at the back.
  • The gown is perfectly stitched with the most premium quality threads and fabrics.


  • Main Fabric:- Microdot Polyblend.
  • Lining:- Present.
    • NOTE: CAN-CAN WILL BE PROVIDED WITH THE DRESS IF SELECTED THE OPTION. can-can is an underskirt to be worn with the gown. When worn with the gown, it will show the desired fashionable shape for the gown. It also will be made the gown look more fluffy. can the following can-can can be used with other outfits also.