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* For Indian Pincodes only


  • The is a steal silver colour chained necklace with a combination  of thin silver chains at the bottom of the piece enhancing the look of the necklace
  • The piece has intricate work on the pain part of the necklace, with a pain of coordinated chained earrings
  • The necklace takes the shape of the neck as it’s a bendable embellished chocker set
  • The necklace has a back tie up chain with a loop and a hook
  • This piece is a perfect one of a party occasion:- elegant gown will the proper combination for this piece “you can find elegant gown on our website on sewbery luxury section”
  • The piece is well packed for behind so its skin friendly and won’t cause as rash or irritation on the skin


  • Do not let the necklace get in contact with water of any liquid base fluid
  • Avoid contact of the piece with and perfume or deodorant to preserve the shine and the glamour of the piece intact
  • Avoid rash use of the piece, as we expect the customer to understand that the piece of jewellery is delicate and has to be handled with care.
  • Piece once used cannot be returned back to maintain the hygiene for other customers


  • Base colour: silver
  • Chain colour: silver
  • Back chain colour: silver